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OBJECTIVE: To study the efficacy and safety of tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) combined with salmeterol /fluticasone in the treatment of moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD).

Methods: Thirty-six patients with moderate to severe COPD who were diagnosed as stable were randomly divided into two groups: control group(salmeterol /fluticasone propionate), 33 patients with test group(tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) and salmeterol /propafenone propionate), 34 cases were treated with fluticasone, tiotropium bromide + fluticasone respectively. The quality of life scores, lung function, blood gas analysis and drug safety were observed before and 1 month after treatment.

Results: The quality of life scores and lung function and blood gas analysis of the two groups were significantly improved after treatment(P <0.05), while the combination of tiotropium bromide and fluticasone combination was more significant(P <0.05).

CONCLUSIONS: Patients with moderate to severe COPD remission can improve the efficacy and improve the prognosis by using a combination of tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) and fluticasone combined with inhalation therapy.

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