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To study the clinical efficacy of tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) in COPD of senile smoking. Methods: Ninety patients with COPD were randomly divided into treatment group and control group from January 2009 to September 2011, Example: The treatment group (given 18 g of tiotropium inhalant + salbutamol aerosol daily); the control group (given 0.1 g aminophylline + salbutamol aerosol every 12 hours), after treatment. The results showed that the St George score in the treatment group was significantly lower than that in the control group, and the FEV1 / Pred, FEV1 and FEV1 / FVC were significantly higher than those in the control group (P <0.05). Conclusion: Titodonium bromide inhalation combined with salbutamol aerosol can significantly improve lung function in COPD patients with senile smoking.

To observe the clinical efficacy of sulindetine combined with tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) in the treatment of severe - severe COPD. METHODS: A randomized, double-blind, parallel-controlled trial, 47 patients with severe-to-severe COPD were treated with sulinda (250 μg / 50 μg) in combination with tiotropium acetate (18 μg) or placebo Inhalation, treatment for 1 year. Before treatment, the treatment of lung function in January, March, 12 after the test; the same period using 6-minute walking distance evaluation of athletic ability, St. George Respiratory Questionnaire (SGRQ) evaluation of quality of life. Results: FEV1 was better in the treatment group than in the control group (P <0.01). The walking distance and SGRQ score of the combined treatment group were significantly better than those in the control group (P <0.01). Conclusion: Combined tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) treatment of severe - severe COPD can increase the effect of sulide on lung function and quality of life, improve the exercise tolerance of COPD and delay the decline of lung function.

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