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Bronchodilator: Short-acting β2 agonist is more suitable for acute exacerbation of COPD. If the effect is not significant, it is recommended to add anticholinergic drugs (ipratropium bromide, tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5), etc.). For the more severe acute exacerbation of COPD, may consider intravenous theophylline drugs, but be alert to cardiovascular and nervous system side effects. Β2 receptor agonists, anticholinergic drugs and theophylline drugs can be used in a reasonable combination to achieve synergistic effect. 

Glucocorticoid: COPD acute exacerbation of hospitalized patients in the application of bronchodilator based on oral or intravenous glucocorticoid. The use of glucocorticoids to weigh the efficacy and safety. Recommended oral prednisolone daily 30-40mg, continuous reduction after 7-10d withdrawal. Can also be given intravenous methylprednisolone, 40mg once a day, 3-5d after the change to oral. Prolonged treatment of glucocorticoid therapy can not increase the efficacy, but will increase the risk of side effects.

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