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When inhaled hormones, should be timely mouthwash, to prevent oral pharyngeal infection and discomfort. (Add that: as our patients usually use budesonide /formoterol powder inhalants, tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) inhalers and so have hormonal ingredients, so after spraying, must instruct the patient mouthwash, for those who can not self - mouthwash, to strengthen the oral care, to avoid fungal infections.

Each inhalation time should not exceed 20 minutes, such as the use of liquid should be included in the total amount of liquid into the total. If the amount of blindness is too large to cause pulmonary edema may. On the heart and kidney dysfunction and the elderly and infirm should pay attention to prevent wet or fog caused by large pulmonary edema. In addition to the frail elderly immune dysfunction in the disease with antibiotics inhalation, should pay attention to induced oral fungal infection, should pay attention to strengthen the oral care.

There is the possibility of increased respiratory resistance. When the aerosol inhalation after a few hours, breathing difficulties, in addition to alert to pulmonary edema, but also may be due to airway secretions liquefaction expansion obstruction aggravated, we should help patients with expectoration, or suction, keep the airway. 

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