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For patients with mild to severe COPD, combination of inhaled corticosteroids and long-acting β2 receptor agonists is superior to the single drug component in the combination of patients in improving lung function and lifestyle, reducing acute episodes, and so on. The Joint therapy is associated with an increased risk of pneumonia in patients. In the long-acting β2 receptor agonists combined inhaled glucocorticoid on the basis of the addition of tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) can make patients additional benefits.

COPD is a common preventable and therapeutic disease characterized by persistent airflow limitation, progressive development of airflow, associated with increased chronic inflammatory response to airborne and lung toxic particles or gases, acute exacerbations and complications affect the severity of the disease and the prognosis of the individual. 

Inhalation of cigarette smoke and other toxic particles, such as biofuel smoke caused by lung inflammation is an important cause of COPD, which is the world's most common cause of COPD risk factors. In addition, air pollution, occupational exposure, and indoor biofuel contamination are also major risk factors for COPD in many countries. 

In the face of chronic cough and expectoration, there are breathing difficulties and long-term exposure to risk factors in patients with exposure history, need to consider the diagnosis of COPD. Among them, lung function is the main means of diagnosis of COPD. 

The severity assessment of COPD is based primarily on the patient's clinical symptoms, acute exacerbations, pulmonary function outcomes, and presence or absence of complications.

Correct drug therapy can alleviate the symptoms of COPD patients, reduce the risk of acute attack and the frequency of acute attacks, and can improve the patient's health and exercise tolerance, thereby improving the quality of life.

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