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We reviewed the cost-effectiveness analysis of these two regimens by reviewing the pharmacological evaluation of domestic and foreign drug treatment of COPD by tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) and salmeterol in order to provide a reference for future clinical research.

For patients with moderate to severe COPD, the use of long-acting LABA or LAMA, can effectively improve lung function and health status, and reduce the incidence of acute exacerbations. At present, the clinical commonly used LABA salmeterol and other drugs, which have a strong inhibition of lung mast cells release the role of allergic reaction medium, can inhibit the inhalation antigen induced early and delayed phase response, reduce airway hyperresponsiveness. And as another guide in the choice of COPD treatment - LAMA, the clinical use of more tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5), ipratropium bromide and so on. Tiotropium selectively acts on M 3 and M 1 receptors, which can reduce acute exacerbations and associated hospitalization rates, improve symptoms and health status, and can effectively improve the effectiveness of lung rehabilitation therapy. Is the only one inhalation that has been administered once a day for COPD maintenance therapy. In addition to the original drug manufacturers of these two drugs, China's pharmaceutical companies are currently related to the production and sale of products to ensure that different levels of consumer demand for the purchase of patients.

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