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The current clinical special attention to tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) in children and younth people in the treatment of asthma value. The first of these studies was published in 2016 by J Allergy Clin Immunol magazine, which was selected for moderate to severe childhood asthma and young patients aged 12-17, with the aim of assessing ICS without leukotriene antagonists (LTRA) treatment of patients with tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) added to the efficacy. The duration of the study was 24 weeks.

Subjects must remain symptomatic on the basis of ICS therapy (with or without LABA or LTRA), FEV1% = 60-90% and have a reversibility of ≥12%. 24 weeks to reach the desired primary observation endpoint, that is, in the application of 5μg tiotropium bromide (1 / day) 3 hours after FEV1 peak improvement has obvious advantages. Further statistical analysis found that 2.5 g of tiotropium was found to be superior to placebo, but was less effective than 5 μg of tiotropium bromide. Secondary end point: There was no significant difference in the use of first aid medication or asthma control.

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