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There are different phenotypes of asthma, and the response of different phenotypes to treatment may be different, so we need to develop new methods of inhalation therapy, which are not limited to the existing short-acting β2 receptor agonists (SABA), long-acting β2 receptor agonist (LABA) and inhaled glucocorticoid (ICS) and other treatment. Recent phase III clinical trials have shown that tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) (a long-term muscarinic receptor antagonist) in the treatment of adult asthma is very promising. Among the data on these asthma patients, the two latest evidence-based medical evidence:

1) To assess the effect of LABA /ICS combined with poorly controlled patients on the addition of tiotropium, the results showed that as a supplement to ICS /LABA treatment: the addition of tiotropium group, the need for oral administration of asthma, the number of acute episodes of asthma significantly reduced.

2) ICS on the basis of increased tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5), and ICS increased LABA efficacy comparison. The results show that although LABA is slightly better in improving the quality of life of asthma patients, tiotropium is better for some indicators of lung function in asthmatic patients, although these differences are small.

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