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Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease have been treated with small particles of tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) and odatrox. Some studies have shown that inhalation of small particles of aerosol can improve asthma in patients with small airway dysfunction and its inflammatory markers. At present, many studies have directly compared asthma patients, the use of large and small particles of aerosol for ICS monotherapy, and ICS / LABA combination therapy, the subject of patients with patient-centered prognostic indicators. These indicators include: asthma control status, associated symptom scores, and quality of life indicators.

The results show that CIC aerosols with smaller particles can significantly improve the subjects' asthma control status and asthma symptoms, as well as physiological parameters associated with small airway dysfunction in patients, compared with larger particles of FP aerosols. Among them, including the distal airway function of the pulsating pulmonary function test (IOS) assessment indicators, and its late induced sputum eosinophils percentage and so on.

The study of asthma control conditions for small particles with larger particles of ICS / LABA combined aerosols shows that although some studies have shown that small particle aerosols have more significant asthma control effects, overall, these two sizes ICS / LABA combined aerosol particles, the effect of asthma control for the subjects is basically the same.

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