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Tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) powder as a long-term anticholinergic drugs, medication once a day, medication convenience. Customer base is mainly for practitioners with a doctor's license, so the daily visit is particularly important to visit the number and quality is directly related to product sales. For medical representatives, the key information for the product delivery is reflected in the visit through this link in the search to find the target customer will carry out preparatory work, such as understanding the customer background information, prescription habits, find the right time to visit, a good opening environment to the customer after delivery of the key information products, accompanied by the relevant clinical data, research results and other information presented to the customer, increase customer confidence.

In addition to the doctors in the hospital for publicity, organization of education activities is also an effective way. Moreover, the promulgation of some policies from the details to ensure the implementation of medical reform. Over the past few years, the management of COPD has been a positive concern. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, including chronic emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Community hospitals will create files for patients with these conditions and follow up on their medications, mainly by telephone follow-up, as well as regular hospital-related activities. The relevant medical representatives can assist the doctors in the community hospitals to do the activity and distribute the relevant leaflets. This can not only help patients understand the status of COPD, but also can improve the relationship between doctors, also to a certain extent, promote the promotion of drugs.

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