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Long-term anti-cholinergic drugs is currently the treatment of COPD is one of the main recommended drugs. In the long-acting anticholinergic drug, the adbromonium has a duration of at least 12 hours, whereas tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) and glycopyrrolate have a duration of more than 24 hours. The long-acting anticholinergic drugs adefomium bromide and glycopyrrolate have similar effects on tiotropium in improving lung function and dyspnea, but lack of additional data on other effects. Tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) is still the most widely studied study in the 2013 updated edition of the guidelines. 

The use of a soft mist inhaler, has been shown to significantly improve patient quality of life and reduce acute exacerbations in meta-analyzes compared with placebo frequency. But subgroup analysis showed that this route of administration may increase the risk of death. The updated version of the 2014 guidelines states that the TIOSPIR trial compared tiotropium inhalation with dry powder inhalation, and the results showed no difference in mortality and acute exacerbation risk. It has been reported that the use of mask inhalation solution can lead to acute glaucoma, may be related to the direct effect of solution on the eye. Long-acting β2 agonists and long-acting anticholinergic drugs can significantly improve lung function, but the combination of drugs on the impact of patients is still lacking. In the prevention of acute exacerbations, the combination of long-acting bronchodilator alone than the application of long-acting anticholinergic drugs more effective still lack sufficient evidence. The newer version of the 2014 guidelines adds new combinations. In the combination of long-acting β2 agonist and glucocorticoid, the drug was added to the combination of vialantol /fluticasone furoate, 25/100 DPI.

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