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1. Tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) as a daily maintenance treatment of bronchodilator, bronchospasm should not be used as the initial treatment of acute attack, that rescue treatment. 

2. Inhalation of tiotropium powder may occur immediately after the allergic reaction. 

3. As with other anticholinergic drugs, for narrow-angle glaucoma, benign prostatic hyperplasia, or bladder neck obstruction patients should be used with caution. 

4. Inhalation of drugs may cause aspiration bronchial spasm. 

5. For all patients with major renal excretion, patients with moderate to severe renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance ≤ 50 ml / min) should be treated with tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) only if the expected benefit is greater than the potential hazard. There is no experience of long-term use of tiotropium in patients with severe renal insufficiency. 

6. Capsules should be sealed in the vesicle preservation, only taken out of medication, removed as soon as possible after use, or efficacy will be reduced, accidentally exposed to air in the capsule should be discarded.

7. Patients should be careful not to get the powder into the eye. It is important to inform the patient that eye drops may cause or exacerbate symptoms such as narrow-angle glaucoma, eye pain or discomfort, transient blurred vision, visual halos or color images, and red-eye and corneal edema due to conjunctival hyperemia. If signs of narrow-angle glaucoma appear, stop using tiotropium and see a doctor immediately. 

8. Dry mouth, caused by the treatment of anticholinergic, long-term can cause dental caries. 

9. The use of tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) should not be used more than once a day.

10. This capsule is for inhalation, not oral.

11. Research on the effects of driving and operating machine capacity is not conducted. Based on the pharmacological and adverse reaction characteristics obtained at the recommended dose, there is no evidence that this will affect the ability to drive and operate the machine.

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