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Control group: patients with tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) (18μg / tablet), a daily suction. Treatment group: the same treatment with Western medicine on the basis of respiratory exercise. There are two main methods of exercise. (1) Reduced lips breathing: first take a deep breath, and then slowly exhale, when the lips to expiratory contraction, similar to the whistle to extend the expiratory time, so again.

(2) Abdominal breathing: posture is not limited, according to personal physical condition, can be lying to sit can be established. First, relax the abdomen, one hand on the abdomen, one hand on the chest, calm and slow breathing, abdominal breathing gradually uplift, exhale as far as possible to tighten the abdomen, and chest as far as possible fixed. Exercise twice a day morning and evening, each 10min. Each group was treated for 5 weeks.

This study shows that breathing exercise can significantly improve the stability of COPD patients with cough and asthma symptoms, lung function, Borg dyspnea score and quality of life score. Although the clinical symptoms and pulmonary function of the control group also improved compared with before treatment, but the difference was not significant. In contrast, respiratory exercise with the treatment of symptoms, lung function, Borg dyspnea score, quality of life score improved significantly.

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