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The researchers performed a series of pretreatments on the subjects, including allowing patients to start using tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5), and bronchoscopy, for at least 8 days of screening. TLDs are performed in two phases at intervals of 30 days. Treatment with tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) was discontinued. Symptomatic treatment during follow-up observation.

The parasympathetic nerve in the lungs releases acetylcholine, leading to smooth muscle contraction. The present study suggests that COPD patients with parasympathetic nerve activity increased, the destruction of the lung parasympathetic nerve can improve patients with lung function and clinical symptoms. Lung denervation therapy (TLD) is through the endoscope through the catheter parasympathetic nerve ablation of the lungs, blocking the main bronchial parasympathetic nerves around, and thus play a therapeutic role. In order to evaluate the therapeutic effect of this method, Dr. Slebos from the University of Groningen Medical Center in the Netherlands conducted a study that was safe and effective to benefit COPD patients. Article published in the recent Thorax magazine. The study was a multicenter prospective study with a 1-year observation to assess the safety, feasibility and efficacy of TLD in the treatment of moderate to severe COPD. Subjects were inhaled 80 μg ipratropium bromide, FEV1% increase of ≥ 15% of COPD patients.

Study found that 1 year, 20 watt ablation of COPD patients with improved quality of life than the 15-watt patients, the difference was statistically significant. The improvement of pulmonary function FEV1 and suboptimal exercise duration was higher than that of 15W, but there was no statistical significance. The study also found that TLD + tiotropium bromide treatment increased 1% in FEV1% compared with tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5) alone.

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