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The majority of subjects in the study met expectations, with an average FEV1 in the 50% range. In addition to tiotropium bromide(136310-93-5), nearly two-thirds of patients are taking other medications, including inhaled corticosteroids and long-acting beta-agonists (LABAs). Nearly 1/3 of people continue to smoke. Therefore, in terms of universality, these subjects are basically the right people.

In mortality, mortality was approximately 7.5% in the three groups, the highest in the traditional HandiHaler group. There was no significant difference in the combined mortality of the two Respimat groups compared with the HandiHaler group. There was also no significant difference in mortality between the two inhalers during long-term follow-up. In addition, the overall cardiovascular toxicity of the two inhalers did not differ significantly, with good tolerability.

About 10% -15% of subjects had underlying cardiovascular disease, and in these subgroup analyzes, there was no significant difference in morbidity and mortality between the 2 inhalers. Therefore, the results of this study can convincingly answer the above-mentioned safety issues.

The safety of new therapies has been a challenge and few initial clinical trials have been sufficient to give answers to a treatment safety question. In the United States drug development history, few drugs can be based on small and medium-sized experimental results were approved, but when it was introduced to the larger, more diversified market, but also significant new side effects.

The advantages of the TIOSPIR study are large-scale and long follow-up. "This is a fundamental, convincing answer to the safety of the Respimat device," commented the accompanying paper.

The study also demonstrates an important principle to be grasped when reading the literature, namely that meta-analysis can not be regarded as convincing evidence that they can only be regarded as the makers of hypotheses. For some diseases, the meta-analysis is the best evidence we can get for sample size, but by contrast, a clear, large randomized controlled trial is the best solution.

In conclusion, the UPLIFT and TIOSPIR studies have shown that large randomized controlled clinical trials can be performed quickly in a population of lung disease, especially in COPD, and we should adhere to the criteria once and expect that such research will help guide clinical treatment.

Dr. Shorr concludes that the TIOSPIR study should be highly regarded as a pulmonary practitioner who often needs to treat patients with COPD.

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